Vivre Cards, also known as the "paper of life", are a special form of paper made in the New World.


A Vivre Card is made from part of a person’s fingernail which is then made into paper. It is completely waterproof and fireproof, but can be torn and given to a cared person that one would be separated from.

The torn pieces will point to and move towards each other no matter where they are in the world, allowing one to always be able to tell in which direction the other person is.

True to the name "paper of life", Vivre Cards also display the life force of their owner. If the life force of the person who gave the Vivre Card is disappearing, the card will begin to burn. It will grow back to its original size if the person recovers.

List of Known Vivre CardsEdit


  • "Vivre" is the French word for "to live".