Vehicle Magic is an unnamed Caster Magic related to vehicles.


A Magic that allows its users to summon vehicles and objects related to them seemingly out of nowhere, subsequently controlling them remotely and employing their specific characteristics at their advantage.


Sawyer's SpellsEdit

  • Dead Grand Prix: The user raises one arm and calls out for the Dead Grand Prix to begin. This prompts a horde of Magical motorcycles to appear out of nowhere. The user is capable of both riding such motorcycles and controlling them remotely, and some of them appear to come equipped with multi-barrelled magical guns capable of rapid firing on the sides. However, due to the motorbikes possessing SE-Plugs, they can be ridden by opponents as well, as seen when Gray Fullbuster could pilot one of them. Racer described this spell as "a motor show from hell".
  • High Speed Rush: The user moves their hand towards the target, with a halo of light being generated before it. This prompts several high spinning tires to appear out of nowhere and move towards the target at high speed. This spell can be performed while the user is riding a motorbike from the Dead Grand Prix Spell.