Sword Magic is a Holder Magic involving the use of swords.


A Magic which, as the name itself suggests, is focused around the use of swords, with those weapons acting as mediums for the user to perform particular attacks. Many of such moves are shown capable of going past the physical reach of the blade employed in their use, threatening foes at short-to-mid range. Some Sword Magic techniques seem to involve the use of elements commonly found employed by elemental forms of Magic, such as Fire Magic or Water Magic; in addition, the user can also remotely maneuver several swords at the same time. A number of different blades can be employed for such Magic, with the most recurring ones being longswords and katana. In some cases, certain moves might even involve the change of the sword's properties, such as its length.


Erza's SpellsEdit

  • Blumenblatt: While wearing the Heaven's Wheel Armor, the user requips a fair amount of swords, and then charges at the target, slicing them with the two in hand. As they rush past, the requipped swords will follow, acting as a secondary strike. "Blumenblatt" is German for petal.
  • Circle Sword: The user requips swords and has them circle around them by utilizing the command, "Dance, My Swords". The swords then begin spinning rapidly around the user and then the user sends them flying towards their opponent(s) in a disc formation. Upon impact, the swords separate and fly in different directions dealing great damage.
  • Trinity Sword: While wearing the Heaven's Wheel Armor, the user slashes the opponent in a delta formation.
  • Pentagram Sword: While donning the Heaven's Wheel Armor, the user slashes their swords in the shape of a pentagram at the target.
  • Photon Slicer: While wearing the Morning Star Armor, the user brings their two sabers together lengthwise and points the tips at the target. They then fire an energy blast at said target.
  • Fairy Burst: While wearing the Armadura Fairy armor, the user charges one sword with a large quantity of Magic Power and attacks the target with a powerful piercing attack. This attack was strong enough to break Erza Knightwalker's strongest spear, Ravelt, and shatter an entire island.
  • Moon Flash: While equipped with the Black Wing Armor, the user rushes past their target, slashing it in a cross pattern.
  • Sonic Claw: While in the Flight Armor, the user dashes towards the target and slashes them from every direction at high speed.