Slowing Magic is a Caster Magic that involves slowing down a person's speed movements.


It is a type of Magic which allows the user to slow down their opponent by employing a time-affecting Magic which affects the opponents' perception of time. With their opponents' delayed reactions, the user can move in and attack freely before the opponent has a chance to counter it. However, the range of the user's Magic is limited, which means that only people and objects within a certain range of the user are affected by this Magic. Anything outside the range is unaffected by the Magic and the people inside of the range, view things outside of it as moving extremely fast. In addition, anything that originated from outside of the user's area-of effect will retain its normal speed even if it enters their area-of-effect afterwards.


Sawyer's SpellsEdit

  • Motor: Combining Hand-to-Hand Combat with Slowing Magic, the user rushes towards their opponents and then jumps into the air upside down and starts rotating, beating everything around them with their legs.
  • Nitro: The user uses Slowing Magic to slow down targets in front of them before delivering a punch.
  • Rocket: The user slows down targets above them and then charges at them.
  • Gear Change: Red Zone: The user's Magic seal becomes red and they can travel at their maximum speed; in other words, they delay the rate of how others perceive time even further, allowing them to "move faster".