Shade is a type of Caster Magic involving the creation of phantom soldiers.


The user can manipulate ghostly figures, which can be used for a variety of purposes, including: shaping large masses of ghosts into powerful ethereal tornadoes and pillars, immobilizing opponents, and shooting various kinds of blasts and beams. The user can create these ghost soldiers at will, even from far distances. The Shades' initial strength is similar to that of a foot-soldier, but the user can remotely increase their strength to the point that they become super-soldiers; until they are destroyed, the Shades show no sign of fatigue or exhaustion. While Jose was fighting against Erza Scarlet during the Guild War between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord, his army of Shades was able to overpower the exhausted Fairy Tail Mages.


Jose's SpellsEdit

  • Shade Troopers: Jellyfish Form: The Shade Troopers merge and create a jellyfish-like giant shade. It has the ability to form fists to enforce damage.
  • Dead Wave: The user sends a wave of ghosts rushing towards the enemy, splitting anything in its path, including the very ground itself.
  • Shade Entangle: The user summons ghosts to grab and strangle the enemy and cause them great pain.
  • Dark Pulse: The user swipes their hand, triggering a chain of linear explosions which send the targets flying away.