Sea Empress Armor is one of Erza Scarlet's armors.


This revealing green armor, complete with bluish portions, has its appearance modeled after different sea creatures. The breastplate, which barely covers Erza’s breasts, somewhat resembles seaweed, and has some thin chains hanging from it over Erza’s exposed parts, with a pair siding her breasts and another the belly; a fifth chain is visible around her neck, which is guarded by the large collar. The breastplate is linked to the pauldrons, composed of green plates and decorated by prominent fin-like ornaments. The gauntlets cover only Erza’s forearms, leaving her biceps exposed, and possess decorated elbow guards with prominent ornaments jutting out in whirl shapes, reminiscent of seashells. The armor lacks a waist guard; instead, Erza is geared with a dark bikini, and a long cloth, with its edges yet again reminiscent of fins, circles her waist on the back and the sides, being connected to the shorts by a pair of fasteners shaped like sea stars. The greaves possess fin-shaped protrusions in correspondence to Erza’s ankles, and extend up to her knees, with her thighs being instead covered by jagged parts made of cloth. The outfit is completed by a headgear, with a large metal part covering her forehead, bearing a whirl-shaped wave on it, and large fin-shaped protrusions siding her head.

Special FeaturesEdit

Water Resistance: According to Lisanna Strauss, this armor nullifies water attacks. It has been shown to be able to withstand and reflect Juvia Lockser's various water spells.

Water Magic: When equipped with this armor, Erza is granted the ability to utilize her sword to unleash Water Magic spells.


  • Crystal Sword: The armor comes equipped with a long sword which seems to be made of crystal, with two symmetrical fins centered by a green jewel at the hand guard. The blade of the sword is colored a faint shade of green with three protrusions shaping the blade. The sword also features ornamental navy-colored lines along the blade's center that appears to glow a translucent blue. The sword has exhibited the ability to cut through and reflect water spells, as seen when Erza utilized the sword to reflect Juvia's Water Slicer, which reflects and cuts various rocks within the vicinity.
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