Purgatory Armor is one of Erza Scarlet's most powerful armors.


The Purgatory Armor takes the appearance of a metallic dress, the armor is a dark slate color with a lighter gray trim. The shoulder guards are a light gray color with a large spike protruding off of it. The arm guards bear a simple weaving pattern with three spikes jutting out, each smaller than the last. The leg greaves start just below her hips with three progressively smaller spikes protruding starting at the knees. Around her neck is a small necklace of black, diamond shaped jewels. A single horn works its way out from underneath her hair atop her head.

Special FeaturesEdit

Erza states this to be one of her strongest armors, telling Ikaruga that no one has seen the armor and lived to tell of it. Despite her claim that the armor is quite strong, its capabilities have never been seen as Ikaruga was able to destroy it nearly instantly and it proved ineffective against Azuma.


  • Spiked Mace: This armor comes equipped with a large black mace that has the same spike-like design as the Purgatory Armor. The mace is larger than Erza herself with six large spikes running down the edge, getting progressively larger as they reach the hook end of the weapon.