Poneglyphs are mysterious stone blocks with history inscribed on them in the form of strange letters. They are scattered among the islands of the world, and it is said the only person left in the world who can read them is Nico Robin.

Appearance and TypesEdit

Poneglyphs are massive blocks made of an indestructible type of stone. They have text carved on them, written in an ancient language.


The blocks are indestructible; it has been stated that not even explosives could leave a scratch on these stones.

Each one tells a piece of history long forgotten. This history includes mentions of (at least) three weapons of mass destruction: Pluton, Poseidon and Uranus. In the eyes of the World Government, they are dangerous artifacts, and despite declaring the stones dangerous because of the weapons, the reality is that the ideals of the fallen Kingdom written on some of the stones are far more dangerous than any of the weapons. The Road Poneglyphs are sought by several organizations interested in the artifacts found in Raftel.



  • The Rune stones seem to be the main inspiration of the Poneglyphs ((Especially the Rök Runestone and the Rio Poneglyph)) Which contains a fragment of what is believed to be a lost piece of Norse mythology. the passage on the stone itself has three parts which each consist of 2 questions and one poetic-like answer, the stone also mentions twelve battles of war over two precious war weapons. It also refers to Twenty King (Four brothers who each had Five Sons). Finally, the last part becomes difficult to read given that the runes used switches to an older style. It's been assumed that its intentional, and that the rows following this point concerns legends connected specifically to a single tribe (Vélinn's). The Rök Runestone is around 800 years old.