Pirates Meets Mages is the first chapter of the One Piece x Fairy Tail Crossover FanFiction Series.



Chapter: 1

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Short SummaryEdit

The Straw Hat Pirates continue their adventures in the New World following Punk Hazard one month ago. While stopping at Reef Island, the Straw Hats encounter a Marine fleet lead by Vice Admiral Gen, who is planning to capture Luffy and Aika alive, leading into a battle between the pirates and marines. They later gain assistance of a group of kids who utilize "Magic" and their cats. After defeating Gen and forcing the Marines to retreat, the Straw Hats ask them to join their crew, which they accept.

Long SummaryEdit


Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Monkey D. Luffy
  2. Monkey D. Aika
  3. Usopp
  4. Tony Tony Chopper
  5. Nico Robin
  6. Roronoa Zoro
  7. Sanji
  8. Nami
  9. Franky
  10. Brook
  11. Blizzard
  12. Kumi
  13. Gen
  14. Natsu Dragneel
  15. Happy
  16. Gray Fullbuster
  17. Lucy Heartfilia
  18. Erza Scarlet
  19. Mirajane Strauss
  20. Juvia Lockser
  21. Romeo Conbolt
  22. Wendy Marvell
  23. Carla


  • Straw Hat Pirates and Team Natsu vs. Vice Admiral Gen and Marines