One Piece x Fairy Tail is an action-adventure, comedy-drama, anime and romance fanfiction crossover series that focuses on the heroes of the One Piece and Fairy Tail verses joining together for the first time on following the Straw Hat Pirates' journey to the New World by FanFiction author "XFangHeartX". It is also rated M due to Violence, Blood and Gore, Language, Drug Use, Sex, Nudity and see some female breasts and buttocks.

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The Straw Hat Pirates continue to venture the New World in search of One Piece with the addition of Luffy's younger half-sister Aika and Kumi as their new crew mates after Punk Hazard. On one day, they discover a dimensional portal opening and dropping nine young individuals who are said to possess Magic. Now, the Straw Hats must get comfortable with these Mages for the next eighteen months as they are prepare to battle forces beyond comprehension.


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This series is basically an immensely powerful verse with two separate verses containing many powerful characters.


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  • The crossover series was inspired by the works of XFangHeartX, along with the ending on the Grand Magic Games Arc.
  • The One Piece series takes place one month after the Punk Hazard Arc, with Aika and Kumi joining the Straw Hats. However, the FanFiction crossover cannot fit into the current storyline, as they don't travel to Dressrosa.
  • The Fairy Tail series takes place three months after the Grand Magic Games Arc, following Fairy Tail's restoration as "No. 1 Guild in Fiore".
  • This story will feature new characters, including original characters created by XFangHeartX.
  • The series fiction design will be based on the Fairy Tail (2014) anime graphics and background, along with a few elements of the 2014-present One Piece anime.
  • Most elements (like techniques and character names) will be in English format while some will retain their Japanese names with literal meanings.
  • Most One Piece elements mostly involve a different version of the finished Punk Hazard Arc, along with some changes, such as:
    • Law and Jupiter part ways with the Straw Hats to find their missing crew, but intend to join the Straw Hats in the near future.
    • Kin'emon and Momonosuke part ways with the Straw Hats to find Kanjuro, but give the Straw Hats good luck on their long journey.
    • Sabo, Lucky, Koala and Admiral Fujitora make their own appearances in the crossover series, rather than the One Piece canon series.
    • Doflamingo uses a few of his "Awakened" Sting-String Fruit abilities in the crossover series, but never uses the Birdcage and doesn't reveal his backstory between him, Law and Jupiter.
    • All the Straw Hats gain (far) different bounties compared to their updated bounties in the main fanfic series (Aika and Kumi gain their own later on).
    • Sanji's real name is "Vinsmoke Sanji" and is an estranged member of the Vinsmoke Family, which he left during his abusive childhood.
    • A group called the "Red Lotus" consists of four criminals, and all are Logia-type Devil Fruit users.
  • Some Fairy Tail elements will take place in the story such as:
    • Zeref's last name is "Dragneel" and he is Natsu's older brother.
    • Natsu is revealed to be an Etherious after being revived by Zeref.
    • A rogue dark mage named Mikhail Deathwing annihilates Tartaros, as he believes the Balam Alliance will interfere in his plans.
    • Romeo, Juvia and Mirajane join Team Natsu during the three month gap.
    • All ten members of Team Natsu will gain bounties for their actions against the Marines.
    • In the crossover series, Igneel gets killed by Acnologia in the New World, as a way to make Natsu feel the same loss Luffy went through after losing Ace.
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