Mikhail Deathwing is a rogue Dark Mage and a wanted terrorist for committing many crimes and murders. He is also the man responsible for bringing Team Natsu into the New World, meeting the Straw Hat Pirates, and using his abilities in creating several powerful copies of numerous enemies, to test the next generation of Mages and Pirates.
Mikhail Deathwing

Profile and StatsEdit

Name: Mikhail Deathwing

Alias: The Lava Dragon

Origin: Fairy Tail

Age: 69

Classification: Human, Criminal, God Slayer

Gender: Male

Height: 188 cm (6'2")

Weight: 109 kg (240 lbs)

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: White

Status: Deceased

Powers and Abilities: Fire Magic, Water Magic, Wind Magic, Earth Magic, Abyss Break, Time Gate, Illusion Magic, Master Swordsman Specialist, Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Reflexes, Immense Durability, Immense Magic Power

Equipment: Broadsword

Class: Transcendent

Attack Potency: Likely Mountain level

Speed: At least Hypersonic+ with High Hypersonic reaction speed

Lifting Strength: At least Class 10

Striking StrengthClass PJ

Durability: Likely Mountain level

Stamina: Metahuman

Range: Melee, Several Hundred Meters with Ranged Attacks

Intelligence: High Average



Deathwing is a tall, muscular man in his mid to late fifties, with broad shoulders and defined abs. He has long, snow white hair is tied back into a ponytail, along with a white, well-groomed beard and mustache, and dark blue eyes "that could kill anyone with just a glare". He wears a black eye patch, which covers his scarred left eye that has a zigzag style running from his hairline down his cheekbone and to the tip of his left jaw. He wore a set of battle scarred gunmetal grey armor which covered his shoulders, chest, back, torso, thighs and shins, along with a long black coat draped over his shoulders like a cape. Underneath the armor he wore black cargo pants tucked into a pair of well used combat boots, a black long sleeved shirt which he kept rolled up at his elbows, and a pair of black combat gloves that had armor plating on it.


Deathwing is a staunch anarchist who sees chaos as the only acceptable world order. He is willing to destroy anyone who stands against him and resorts to extreme measures in his campaign to eliminate the governments of the world. However, he is not indiscriminately violent, as he shows no desire to needlessly attack others who pose no threat to him or his ideals.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fire Magic:

Water Magic:

Wind Magic:

Earth Magic:

Abyss Break:

Time Gate:

Illusion Magic:

Master Swordsman Specialist: Wielding a sword, Deathwing is extremely skilled in swordsmanship.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Speed:

Enhanced Reflexes:

Immense Durability:

Immense Magic Power: Deathwing possesses a overwhelmingly strong amount of Magic Power, and is said to be the most powerful amount to be ever felt. His Magic Power is dark red in color when exerted.