A Martial Artist is a warrior who fights by only using their body and attacking just with fists, kicks, and throws. They are all users of unarmed martial arts, unlike swordsmen who choose blade weapons for combat and snipers who choose guns.

Martial Artists in One PieceEdit

The martial artists shown in the world of One Piece, like swordsmen, are an important asset to a crew. Martial artists are often found in positions of high respect, just on par with their respective swordsmen. It should be noted that in the One Piece world, there are two main types of martial arts; free-form and style-form.

Free-style fighters, who use just their bodies, are considered martial artists but would be considered 'brawlers' or 'street fighters' in the real world, and not a martial artist. An advantage of free-style is adaptation, free-stylers are not bound by the forms and exercises of style-base fighters.

Known Martial ArtistsEdit

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  • A pirate crew whose member specializes in combat is known as a Combatant. This is sometimes mistaken for a martial artist.