Magical Vehicles are Magic Items that are used as fast means of transportation in both Earth Land and Edolas.


In Earth Land, Magical Vehicles are solely available for a Mage's use, and are powered by an SE-plug (Self-Energy plug), which is a small, special device that powers Magical Vehicles in Earth Land. It is a mechanism that wraps around the user's wrist, converting their Magic Power into fuel. Should the user require the vehicle in question to go faster, more Magic Power will be consumed.

n Edolas, Magical Vehicles lack SE-plugs altogether, and were instead powered by Lacrima (before Edolas was drained of all its Magic), which was converted into fuel. This method of fueling was stated to have been superior than that available to Earth Land Mages.


  • Magic Four Wheel Vehicle: A quick form of transportation that is significantly faster than a horse-drawn carriage. Its appearance and method of functionality differs significantly between Earth Land and Edolas.
  • Magic Motorcycle: A type of transportation that Racer utilizes in conjunction with his Vehicle Magic. Gray Fullbuster was also shown to be able to mold one out of ice.
  • Magic Boat: A boat that allows quicker transportation across bodies of water.