Letter Magic is either a Caster Magic or a Holder Magic, depending on its means of employment.


Letter Magic utilizes the words written by the user, with the effect varying depending on whats written, or how it's manipulated. In addition to their hand, users can utilize other objects to write the letters. The letters can be written on different surfaces or in the air. Currently, there are five known types of Letter Magic: Writing Magic, Solid Script, Jutsu Shiki and Dark Écriture.


Solid Script: A form of Letter Magic that materializes solid words in their depicted form and use them in battle.

Dark Écriture: A type of Letter Magic and Eye Magic involving the usage of writing runes for various effects.

Jutsu Shiki: A form of Letter Magic utilizing Magic Runes.

Orient Solid Script: A form of letter Magic that uses the same manner as Solid Script, only this Magic creates words in Japanese kanji.

Writing Magic: An unnamed form of Letter Magic that allows the user to shuffle the wording of a book when a certain person comes in contact with it.