Gale-Force Reading Glasses are a type of Magic Item.


In the manga, the Gale-Force Reading Glasses are portrayed as a simple pair of glasses with elongated lenses and a dark, mildly large frame, whose only unique feature is the image of a small wing, surrounded by a pair of little hearts, present on the left lens. Levy McGarden's pair also has the quality of the glasses (this being 18x) written on the right lens.

In the anime, the glasses are given a slightly more distinctive appearance, with no inscriptions on the lenses, and the wing being present as an ornament jutting out from each of the lenses' sides instead. They can also come in different colors such as blue and orange.


Gale-Force Reading Glasses allow the user to read books at an extremely rapid pace.


Gale-Force Reading Glasses come in different models. The reading speed varies depending on the quality of the glasses:

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