Eye Magic is a Caster Magic that involves using eye techniques for battle.


This Magic allows the users to enchant or entice their target with their Magic through the use of making direct contact with their eyes. Depending on the Magic, the user can either attack or defend themselves with their eye technique in order to battle, to scan the area, or both in combination with their attack.


Dark Écriture: A type of Eye Magic and Letter Magic involving the usage of writing runes for various effects.

Figure Eyes: A type of Eye Magic that allows the user to take control of the souls of living things who come into direct eye contact with them, and to manipulate them as if they were their "playthings".

Stone Eyes: A type of Eye Magic that turns anyone who looks directly into their eyes into stone.

Heaven's Eye: A type of Eye Magic that allows someone to see over long distances, enabling them to see through solid objects; giving them the opportunity to track targets with relative ease.

Demon's Eye: A type of Eye Magic that awakens the caster's full power via one of their eyes; in a way for them to unleash the inner workings of Magic beyond human comprehension.