Copy Magic is a Caster-Type Transformation Magic.


This Magic allows the caster to flawlessly transform into someone. Unlike normal Transformation Magic, this Magic allows the user to gain the transformed person's knowledge, Magic and their recent thoughts (if not while they are thinking about them in real time). The amount of information that the user can access is limited to the knowledge that the genuine counterpart is actually aware of and nothing more beyond that.

The transformation will hold for only five minutes, and contact must be made in order to transform. The user can only retain the capability to transform up to two people, and any more additional transformations require them to erase use of the older transformed forms. The user can also transform themselves into a near target without touching, but this restrains the appearance of the clone to the appearance that it had last time they had contact. Other variations of this Magic make the user mildly similar to the target in the terms of appearance and as powerful as it.

Gemini's TransformationsEdit

  • Lucy Heartfilia: As Lucy, Gemini uses a whip as her weapon. They can even summon other Spirits, and control Spirits being summoned by the original Lucy. Gemini can also distract male enemies with her seductive body. During the Grand Magic Games, Lucy combines her Magic Power with Gemini transformed into her and together they cast Urano Metria. However, the spell was cancelled by another Mage before its effects could be seen.