Iron Pirate "General Franky" (Japanese meaning "Iron Pirate Franky Shogun") is the newest addition to the Battle Franky line, numbered BF 38.


General Franky is a giant robot modeled after Franky. It is made by "docking" the Black Rhino FR-U IV and the Brachio Tank V. Though several times the size of the average person, it is still smaller than Chopper in his Monster Point, and a good deal smaller than the average giant. It is built out of Wapometal. It bears the BF-38 on its left collar and a modified Straw Hat jolly roger in the middle of its chest.

The head, legs, and torso are made up mainly of the Brachio Tank V, while the arms are mainly the Black Rhino FR-U IV. Its overall appearance resembles that of post-timeskip Franky with his pre-timeskip hairstyle, with a large collar and the Brachio Tank's caterpillar treads on its back.

As a gag, any time it makes an appearance, male characters tend to look on in awe and exclaim how cool it is, while the female characters will simply give it a blank and aloof stare. The one exception was Trafalgar Law, owing to his no-nonsense attitude- when he saw the Franky Shogun for the first time, he simply gave it a look of irritation. Other exceptions include Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, Blizzard, Gray Fullbuster, Pantherlily, Romeo Conbolt, Jupiter and Jellal Fernandes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

General Franky is modeled after its name, a japanese shogun. A one person weapon/vehicle, Franky himself pilots it inside a control room in the chest and operates it from there. It is equipped with a giant "marauder's" sword named Franken (literally meaning "Fran Sword"). However, Franky is rather inept at using a sword, so the attacks are seemingly ineffective, and it appears most of its projectile armaments are purely from Franky himself. It has a drill on its head.


  • General Watch-Your-Step: Franky swings the sword low to the ground, forcing the foes to jump up to dodge it. While they are in the air, he shoots them with his own shoulder cannons.


  • The General Shield Boomerang is similar to Captain America's signature shield from Marvel comics.
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