Armadura Fairy is one of Erza Scarlet's most powerful armors.
Armadura Fairy


This dual toned armor is composed of a simple pink breastplate joined to the collar, which sports a heart centered between two wing-shaped epaulettes. The pauldrons are structured by two pink plates, faintly shaped like wings, consecutively surmounted by one another and pointed downwards. They are adorned by intricate ornamental wings on each pauldron. The gauntlets completely envelop her arms and feature prominent feather-shaped decorations pointing backwards in correspondence to her wrists. The waistguard is made up of plates attached to the breastplate, surrounded by a thin belt around Erza’s waist, and has a short, pinkish white skirt underneath covering her upper thighs. In the anime, her waistguard has been substituted by a tasset, similar to her pauldrons, with the upper white edges jutting over a thick brown belt separating the tusset from the breastplate. Her greaves reach up to the center of her bare thighs and possess feather-like ornaments protruding from the upper edges of her greaves and the lower edges of her knee guards, which have similar motifs carved on them, and each sport a pair of small wings, one attached to the knee guard and one in correspondence to Erza’s ankles. The armor is complemented by a large tiara adorning Erza’s head, with feather-shaped protrusions jutting out horizontally, and a large purplish white cape. In this outfit, Erza's hair is styled into a pair of braids that flow down from the back of her head.

Special FeaturesEdit

Increased Offensive Capabilities: As declared by her counterpart, Erza Knightwalker, this is Erza's strongest armor. This armor bears the name of the Fairy Tail Guild to symbolize Erza's pride of being a member of Fairy Tail. An attack from this armor had the capability of destroying Erza Knightwalker's strongest spear, Ravelt. However, the armor was shattered after its attack, due to the force of the assault which surprised Erza herself.

Energy Blasts: Similar to the Morning Star Armor, Erza has the ability to utilize wild torrents of energy, which is reminiscent of green lightning. By concentrating Magic Power through both weapons, Erza lunges forth and attacks with her energy-charged swords.


Fairy Burst: While wearing the Armadura Fairy armor, the user charges one sword with a large quantity of Magic Power and attacks the target with a powerful piercing attack. This attack was strong enough to break Erza Knightwalker's strongest spear, Ravelt, and shatter an entire island.


One-Handed Swords: This armor comes equipped with a pair of identical swords sporting intricately-designed metal blades edged with a dark shade of gray. The swords feature large, pink decorated handguards reminiscing a pair of seraph wings and both center a spherical gray jewel, which is shown to contain the Fairy Tail symbol. The fuller adjacent to the guards house a purple, leaf-like ornamental design, where the blade is slightly wider.