An archaeologist is a particular type of historian who ventures out into the field to find ancient ruins and study them first-hand. They are interested in the cultures of lost civilizations.

Role and DutiesEdit

Archaeologists work to uncover things lost beneath the earth over time, and are eager to make new discoveries about the past. Archaeologists serve a most invaluable role of piecing together the development of countries, people, and cultures.

Archaeologists are not essential to a pirate crew; very few crews are known to have an archaeologist crew mate. However, they are far from useless since their knowledge and experience makes treasure hunting in ancient ruins easier. For example Robin discovered where the "Lost City of Gold" was in one day, something that took Eneru a long time to accomplish.

However, in the New World, archaeologists with the ability to read the Poneglyphs are considered highly valuable. With their ability, the Road Poneglyphs can be deciphered, thus enabling the crew(s) to find four certain islands, which in turn leads to the legendary island of Raftel. As such there is a possibility of any archaeologist with this ability to be subjected to kidnapping attempts by the Four Emperors or other powerful pirates.

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